The Pivot

So like any great journey undertaken, things don’t always go as planned or expected. At some point you have to pivot and re-focus your efforts. I feel I have the right vision in mind, but where to start is more fluid. How all the pieces fit together is still coming together. I was originally planning on having all my stuff under one site. But as I thought more about it the conflict of something being useful like a self improvement blog being considered a “time sink” isn’t exactly re-assuring. I am working on essentially re-branding my blog already.

Even the Time-Sink part of my blog might disappear eventually being migrated to my other brand. That being said, this might stay as more of a diary of the journey I am embarking on. This page has a different overall purpose. The name of this site is fitting because if none of this truly turns out to be much more than a passing whim it will fit the Time-Sink name perfectly!

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